Roadster are an experienced four-piece rock and pop covers band from the south east of England who play the very best rock and pop classics from the last four decades. Seasoned musicians with over 100 years combined playing experience, will perform an exciting, varied and dynamic show of over two hours from their extensive repertoire of songs. Max and Karl also perform the classics unplugged if you want a lighter acoustic gig. Same classics, just unplugged versions. Contact the band for more details.

Karl - lead guitar and backing vox

Karl got into guitars after listening to Led Zeppelin II in his teens. Jimmy Page became his main influence, and remains so to this day. “I like the tight but loose approach” which is handy as practice is a pain and he can’t be arsed. Other influences are Alex Lifeson,  The Satch, Ritchie Blackmore, Tommy Emmanuel, Hendrix and Brian May. Karl joined forces with Max during their late teens and have played in bands together since then. A Brighton based rock duo band became their mainstay gig wise, then after an 8 year hiatus got the itch to do the real band thing again. This produced Roadster. Several line up changes later and the band have now found their form. Karl loves to improvise at every opportunity, giving the live shows a unique and exciting spin every time they play. No two shows are ever the same. Karl is also the main arranger for the band, and many of the 60s numbers are give a Roadster make over courtesy of Karl's arrangement skills, giving these old classics a new lease of modern-rock life.

Max - lead vox and rhythm guitar

Max’s lifelong love of all things Rock started after hearing Deep Purple in Rock at the age of 14 and he subsequently grew up on an appetite of bands including Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Van Halen, UFO, Rainbow and Thin Lizzy. Through the 90’s the likes of Bon Jovi, Guns & Roses and U2 become a staple diet whilst bands like the Killers, Kaiser Chiefs and even Pink have become some of the favourites over the past decade. Max played most of the pubs and general dives that had a music license along the south coast in the duo band “The Road Home” with guitarist Karl throughout the 90’s culminating in some relatively prestigious gigs on the Rowing club circuit including Hammersmith, Roehampton and Worthing. It was during these years that Max learnt the art of singing, playing guitar and posing all at the same time! “Roadster is now the grown up version of The Road Home band and provides the platform to play some of the great tunes that have been such an inspiration over 30 years”.

Leon - bass and backing vox

Leon is our multi-instrumentalist guru. From bass to guitar to vocals and everything in-between. Owner of the RokSkool teaching centre in Haywards Heath, Leon joins Roadster on bass and backing vocals and brings with him a wealth of experience. Working tightly with Alvaro, the band enjoy a powerful, dynamic and solid rhythm section that thunders along without losing any of the technical subtlety Roadster are renowned for.

Alvaro - Drums

Alvaro originates from Madrid and is The Conquistador of the drums, and from some angles, Dora The Explora! The guy is awesome, a human metronome. He is an air-drummer’s dream. Alv has played in many bands around Spain and has now settled in the UK. It is a privilege for the guys to have him in the band. Alv gives Roadster the edge live, dynamic and exciting to listen to. His jazz influenced playing adds a technical quality to the rock-rhythm, taking the band to level far higher than our rivals!

Roadster are a technically proficient, dynamic high-energy covers band playing rock and pop classics that everyone knows and loves to jump around to. From The Kinks to the The Killers, the Small Faces and the Sweet, Deep Purple, The Kaiser Chiefs, U2, from AD/DC to Led Zeppelin,  the Foo Fighters and many more, the band perform a set of rock and pop classics that never fails to get everyone on their feet.

Call us for a quote for an unforgettable evening of Rocktastic fun. If you would like to book the band, please use the SETLIST link on the home page. Tick up to 30 songs you’d like the band to play along with details of the event and we will be in touch. Your very own custom gig, Roadster style.

P.A. hire is also available. Contact us for details.

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