• New Live Recordings

    2nd October 2014
    Head over to our music section, got some new live recordings of us. This time from the Holbrook Club in Horsham. And catch us at the Hell Fire Club Redhill this Saturday!

  • General Henry Littlehampton

    30th June 2014
    The boys are pretty excited about appearing at the General Henry this Saturday 5th July. It is one of the south’s top rock venues, so gonna be a monster this one. The gig is being filmed so that we can refresh our media section, so get to this gig and get on the vid!

  • Work on first album

    21st April 2014
    Karl and Max are currently working hard writing the band’s first album. For a taster, head over to the Music section and have a listen to a short preview of the song Breathe. Enjoy….

  • Roadster in the studio

    14th February 2014
    We are finally getting down to getting it down! Karl is furiously working away in his studio with the early stages of recording. Starting to shape up nicely too. READ MORE

  • Aston Martin Day

    25th January 2014
    For those you who love Astons, there is a gathering of them at The George & Dragon pub in Westerham on 27th April. 12 million quids worth of vintage and modern Astons to drool over. And better still: Roadster will be playing in the garden too. So come over and enjoy the day.

  • Roadster Recording

    17th January 2014
    The boys are recording some material shortly. Karl is getting to grips with Logic Pro X and will shortly be rounding up the boys for a recording session. Once that is done, the band will be looking to shoot a video for the new website. Stay tuned!

  • Karl cheats death

    28th November 2013
    As unbelievable as it sounds, Karl did indeed cheat an early demise into his rock-grave. READ MORE

  • Roadster New Bass Man

    23rd September 2013
    Roadster pleased to announce their new bass player, the awesome Leon Kaye. Director of RokSkool in Haywards Heath joins us on bass and backing vocals. First gig done, Burrell Arms last Saturday, a blinding gig! Nice one Leon!

  • Unplugged

    3rd September 2013
    Karl, Max and the big bad Alvaro are now touring Sussex venues armed with acoustics and percussion. Aimed at the Sunday laid back market, the boys are offering a lighter version of Roadster featuring great rock and pop but unplugged – acoustic guitars and some percussion. See gig guide for dates!

  • Balcombe Social Club

    28th July 2013
    The Balcombe Social Club are hosting a charity event on 25th August. Roadster are gonna be doing an unplugged session, Karl, Max and Alvaro. The club are also hoping to break the world record BBQ – 30 hours. Get you arses there!

  • Roadster to (nearly!) headline Loxwood Festival

    27th March 2013
    We are thrilled to announce our involvement with the Loxwood Festival in June! The boys are the penultimate band on, around 9pm. Not one to miss!

  • Roadster Live: Tonight

    16th March 2013
    Roadster are playing live tonight at the Kings Arms, Billingshurst.

  • Thrill On The Hill Festival

    11th March 2013
    Roadster are happy to announce they are playing at the Thrill On The Hill festival at the Botley Hill Farmhouse, 1st June. The band are on at 2pm, so be there!

  • Live audio recordings ready

    26th February 2013
    Check out the MEDIA section for some direct off mixing desk live audio. Enjoy!

  • Roadster currently mixing live recordings

    18th February 2013
    Roadster live recording in post production! Read more

  • Crowborough Social Club Rocked

    17th February 2013
    Bitching gig at the Crowborough Social Club! The band rocked hard. Rolling Truck Stones Thing captured the gig! Read more

  • New Web Site

    14th February 2013
    Hope you like our redesigned web site! We think it looks pretty cool…


    10th February 2013
    Check out the video section, some new clips of the band rocking out. READ MORE


    9th February 2013
    Max is a kid in a toy shop at the moment, with some new hardware to play with! Away with his behemoth of a pedal board, Max now has gone midi and rack effects. So much to go wrong! Lots of fiddling to come….


    9th February 2013
    Roadster are pleased to announce new booking for 2013: 3rd August @ 77-Club in Redhill. The boys are looking forward to this one! See all gigs


    5th February 2013
    The band are rehearsing new songs... READ MORE


    16th January 2013
    Come and see us on the 23rd February at The Welcome Stranger, Crowborough. 8.30pm, free entrance. For directions see all gigs


    15th January 2013
    Some shots from our last gig. see photos


    26th December 2012
    Come and see us on the 23rd February at The Welcome Stranger, Crowborough. 8.30pm onwards and only £2! For directions CLICK HERE


    24th December 2012
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